10 Best Forgotten Capcom Franchises That Need A Revival


With two of Capcom’s flagship series releasing new titles in 2023 in the form of Resident Evil 4 Remake and Street Fighter 6, the gaming giant is still giving its old franchises the love they deserve. At least, that’s true for some of them.

While another Capcom franchise, the dogma of the dragon, finally getting a sequel after a decade, some of the titles that once established Capcom as a top video game company have been discontinued or mismanaged in recent years. Of final fight and breath of fire at dead risena few franchises need to regain their former glory.



While the first title of Onimusha series, Onimusha: Warlords, received a remaster in 2019, the absence of a new main title since 2006 indicates a franchise in dire need of a breath of fresh air. While it’s not one of Capcom’s most popular properties outside of Japan, many gamers still have fond memories of battling demons in feudal Japan thanks to its massive PS2 titles.

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It’s not just a generic ninja series either, as it mixes supernatural and horror elements that make it feel more period-like. resident Evil game sometimes. With some of the biggest releases of 2022 like Bayonet 3 and God of War: Ragnarok being supernatural hack-and-slash titles, a Onimusha rebirth could also be timely.


Iconic and classic arcade games from Nintendo and other major studios have often managed to survive in one form or another, but Commando and its sequel Goods have been forgotten since they emerged as Capcom’s first foray into the action genre in the mid-1980s. Considering they helped popularize the ever-popular run-and-gun shooter, that’s a real shame. .

While the original title is a product of its time, with just eight levels as well as graphics that take away the grit of combat somewhat, a revival would be an opportunity to bring back the over-the-top action and its buff hero Super Joe in style. more modern adrenaline shooters like Eternal destiny.

lost planet

Although these were fairly popular shooters during the Xbox 360/PS3 era, it’s easy to watch lost planet and wonders what could have been. With its smooth action gameplay, memorable environments, and compelling story of a nomad trying to survive on a planet where aggressive aliens and a malevolent mega-corporation vie for control, lost planet had a lot to do.

At one point, Wired reported that a film adaptation was even on the horizon backed by Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter. Of course, this did not materialize and, since the mixed reception lost planet 3, the series seems to have stopped completely. Obviously, many were won over by the potential they saw in the game’s lore during its run, so coming back and expanding the universe might be a smart move.

dead risen

While not as forgotten as some older Capcom properties, dead risen is unfortunately a title that has been talked about less and less in recent years. Fans have been reveling in the game’s ridiculous zombie-fighting action where anything can be a weapon since 2006, but there hasn’t been a new title since. Dead Rising 4 in 2016.

Since this game lacked the classic timing system and had an extremely goofy tone, it didn’t quite feel like the quintessential dead risen for some fans neither. With Dead Rising 5 later canceled amid seemingly troubled development, Capcom has a huge opportunity to bring the series back in style with a title that reverts to dead risenits roots.

Sengoku Basara

However Sengoku Basara has been largely forgotten in the West, it’s fair to say that the franchise has become something of a big thing in Japan where the action games that brought the historical events of Japan’s Sengoku period to life have spawned an entire media franchise. With only a few of the titles ever being localized for the US, it’s a title that has fallen into relative obscurity outside of Japan.

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On top of that, there hasn’t been a mainline game in the series since Sengoku Basara 4 in 2014. With a wealth of knowledge available, a market for stylish hack-and-slash games, and titles like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Ghost of Tsushima renewing interest in historic Japan, there’s arguably never been a better time to bring the series to life.

dinosaur crisis

Most players may have forgotten dinosaur crisis but the dinosaur-based survival horror series was so memorable it still has a cult following despite nearly two decades without a new game. With a premise that’s a cross between jurassic park and resident Evilit makes sense that fans found its thrills and spills unforgettable.

Due to the age of the series, there were limits to how scary it could really do to the dinosaurs but, with modern HD graphics and better sound, a new dinosaur crisis game could really take it to another level. Loyal fans are convinced that Capcom should redo dinosaur crisis so there’s a sizable audience that would be thrilled if he revived the franchise.

final fight

As Capcom continues to explore ways to expand and improve the street fighter franchise with their new titles, final fight was left out despite being widely considered one of the best beat-em-ups in the genre. It’s probably because fighting games have endured in popularity to a greater extent, but that’s still a shame.

final fight certainly has a roster to rival its counterpart, with its iconic characters like Cody and Guy even making memorable appearances in street fighter Games. After more than a decade without new final fight game, fans haven’t had much to satisfy their craving for old-school beat-em-ups, which means a new one is needed more than ever.


Capcom may have had a ton of successful franchises, but few were as unique as Okami, which places the player in the role of Amaterasu, the Shinto sun goddess who takes the form of a white wolf. With his spiritual successor, Okamidenit uses a beautiful woodcut style to tell a story rooted in Japanese mythology.

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Critics loved his storytelling and The Legend of Zelda-style gameplay but it received poor sales and an HD port of the original game has had the most fans ever since. A modern revival that retained the stylized approach but without the graphical limitations of the mid-2000s consoles it was originally designed for could be jaw-droppingly beautiful and that alone means Capcom should TO DO.


Released in arcades in 1984, 1942 was one of the first Capcom games to receive widespread success and it spawned a hit series in the form of the 194X games that used World War II as the setting for fast-paced dogfights. The series continued to grow throughout the 80s and 90s until 1942: Joint strike combined for the ultimate experience in 2008.

In the end, Capcom seemingly decided the series had run its course soon after, but, with a relative lack of hit dogfighting games on the market, they might miss a ride. Vertical-scrolling shooters are out of style, but that’s exactly why Capcom should consider reviving the series in an entirely different form, as a modern 3D equivalent.

breath of fire

With games like Xenoblade Chronicles 3 finding huge success this year and more great JRPGs on the way, the genre seems to have entered a new golden age. Which is why it’s odd that Capcom hasn’t attempted to put its own classic RPG franchise into the mix with a new game or even a big-budget remake.

Boasting a protagonist who can transform into dragons, a traditional fantasy setting, and an emphasis on depth and character development, breath of fire no shortage of appeal for RPG fans, yet Capcom’s only attempt to renew interest in the series was a Japan-exclusive multiplayer title in 2016. No doubt, if they invested in a new mainline title for rivaling today’s blockbuster JRPGs, it could become one of their best titles.

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