10 Movie Franchises That Got Better With More Sequels


Long-running movie franchises have developed loyal fanbases over the years. These fans will follow their favorite series, whether the last entry succeeded or not. There are quite a few franchises that have gotten progressively worse with each addition, which has sparked some suspicion among fans when new sequels are released.

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Of course, there are also movie franchises that have continually improved with each sequel. Whether through deeper character exploration or an evolution of the franchise’s premise, these franchises continue to entice and impress fans with additional entries.

ten The Mission: Impossible franchise has grown bigger with each sequel

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

Tom Cruise stars in the huge hit Impossible mission franchise, which has released six films since its first theatrical release in 1996 and has more in the pipeline. The Spy Thriller Impossible mission The series quickly became known for its jaw-dropping stunts. These stunts were largely done by Cruise, and they got bigger with each sequel.

Each sequel added deeper layers to the secret government organization and its missions. New episodes continue to wow fans with bigger, more death-defying stunts that have left fans patiently waiting for new entries in the series.

9 Star Wars continued to expand the universe with more sequels

Luke Skywalker Princess Leia and Han Solo Star Wars 10 Things That Still Stand

The first entry in the hit star wars franchise was theatrically released in 1977 with Episode IV: A New Hopean interim chapter in what would become the long-running Skywalker saga. star wars released a fan-favorite original trilogy that was later followed by the Prequel Trilogy. The Prequel Trilogy created a new generation of fans.

The Sequel Trilogy took place later in the storyline. It featured the return of favorite characters and the introduction of new characters that took the franchise in a different direction to gain a new wave of fans. Several spin-offs have further explored the star wars universe that continues to wow fans and expand on the original Skywalker saga.

8 The Alien franchise gets deeper and more developed with each sequel

Xenomorphs attack the ship in Alien Covenant

Many fans would say that the Extraterrestrial the franchise reached its peak after 1986 Aliens. However, the franchise continued for decades and further explored the titular alien threat while innovating with sequels like 2012’s. Prometheus.

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The origins of dangerous xenomorphs have been explored while expanding the future corporate-controlled society. Improvements in special effects technology over the years have made aliens even more terrifying, which has continued to drive the Extraterrestrial series. Extraterrestrial seems to have no end in the foreseeable future.

7 The Harry Potter Franchise Aged With The Heroic Golden Trio

Harry Potter Golden Trio

JK Rowling’s fan-favorite book series was adapted for the big screen in 2001 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The Philosopher’s Stone launched the Harry Potter franchise, which followed the Golden Trio as they progressed through Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Harry Potter initially aimed at a younger audience but was suitable for the whole family. As the Harry Potter as the series progressed and audiences grew older alongside the Golden Trio, the films dealt with darker themes. The wizarding world has been plunged into a dark war that has forced the students to fight for their survival in an action-packed film finale. the Harry Potter The franchise is very popular with fans.

6 James Bond stars in a series of films that continue to adapt to the times

There are a few films in James Bond’s long-running series of action-packed spy thrillers that some fans might not want to remember. However, the ongoing nature of James Bond and his ability to adapt to the times while maintaining his classic character has made the series a continued success with each new iteration.

Different generations have their favorite version of the character. Modern versions of James Bond have reached new levels of success, helping to rekindle interest in a series that has enthralled fans since 1962. Dr. No.

5 X-Men Franchise United Fans From Different Eras With New Sequels

Past and future mutants in X Men Days of Future Past

Another franchise with trilogies that spanned different eras was live-action x-men franchise, which first came out in 2000 with a unique take on Marvel’s mutants. x-men reached new heights with the first sequel in 2003 with X2: X-Men Unitedalthough each new sequel has presented something new and unique for fans.

2014 X-Men: Days of Future Past combined past and future to lean more on previous stories while trying to resolve timeline issues. While the franchise had a few missteps and ended on a low note with 2019 dark phoenix, the fan base always looked forward to each new entry to see what was next for the X-Men.

4 The Star Trek franchise has impressed fans for years despite some hiccups

Different eras of the Star Trek movie ranch

Although it may be debatable to include star trek, which has had as many hits as misses over the years, there’s no denying the longevity and growing quality of the star trek franchise as it evolves.

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The feature film continuity of the original series seemed to come out one big movie with all the other sequels, which was reproduced by The next generationit’s cast of characters. Advances in cinematic technology have made the reboot franchise a visual success despite some fan complaints. Although it ultimately ended in less impressive entries in the long run star trek franchise.

3 The MCU Is Filled With Successful Franchises That Leave Fans Wanting More

Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU Tenth Anniversary

The Marvel Cinematic Universe was launched in 2008 with the adaptation of Marvel’s Iron Man, who first teased the live debut of The Avengers. This led to the continued development of a shared universe of blockbuster movies that built the Infinity Saga storyline.

With each new phase of the MCU, the franchise has introduced new heroes and villains to tell a massive story that has captivated fans for over a decade. The climax of the Infinity Saga left fans wanting more from the MCU, proving the success of the various franchises that make up the shared universe.

2 Freddy Krueger continued to improve in the Nightmare On Elm Street franchise

While it’s safe to say that all subsequent sequels to the acclaimed horror series have failed to wow fans, there’s no denying that freddieFreddy Krueger continued to improve with each sequel. The character has found his groove, then crossed it with his signature bladed gauntlet.

Krueger’s original nightmare menace has slowly morphed throughout the franchise into a darkly comedic and creative villain. Krueger loved toying with his victims in increasingly inventive death scenarios that made the character a huge hit even if the sequels sometimes fell flat.

1 The Fast and Furious saga has evolved beyond the original fast-paced racing premise

The Fast and Hobbs family in Fast and Furious 6

The first trilogy of fast furious franchise focused on a group of street racers who orchestrated high-risk burglaries while being investigated by plainclothes police. The franchise then evolved into an action-packed spy thriller that reimagined high-precision pilots as global outlaws before they became high-tech government agents.

The franchise has released eight sequels since The fast and the furious hit theaters in 2001. The characters have gone beyond the original series to star in the many theatrical spinoffs of the hit franchise.

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