Anthony Becker touts budget management in campaign, but has history of serious financial issues – Santa Clara News Online


By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara City Councilman Anthony Becker campaigned on how he can be a better fiscal manager for the city as mayor.

But he had serious problems with his personal financial history.

Santa Clara News Online (SCNO) highlighted how he spent an extraordinary amount on food during his last campaign, which made local fast food restaurants happy that he was running again.

Since the publication of this story, a person with whom Becker had a dispute over a financial matter pointed out that Becker had a troubled financial history.

Between 2004 and 2018, Becker was sued over collections by:

  • Keypoint Credit Union,
  • palisade collections,
  • Calvary, and
  • Discover

On Becker’s 2020 Form 700, his Economic Interest Disclosure, he reports an auto loan from Ally at 19% interest.

A person in the financial sector said it was an “extremely high interest rate”. This is called a “mortgage” and means the person has bad credit.

Becker frequently speaks of his struggles living in a high-cost area for someone like him who doesn’t have a job or steady income.

Many people can relate to this (including SCNO). But we’re not running for mayor and hoping to manage a billion dollar budget and figure out if the 49ers pay their stadium debt.


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