Apex Legends may soon cross paths with two beloved horror franchises


Several skins datamined from a recent Apex Legends patch reveal what could be an upcoming crossover event featuring two horror movie characters.

Respawn Entertainment is well known for their frequent content updates adding new cosmetics and events to Apex Legends, keeping the battle royale fresh and rewarding for players. He is not particularly known for his crossbreeds, however, something that Fortnite has capitalized heavily over the years. A new leak may indicate Apex Legends has something fun coming soon, though. The leak hints at a potential crossover with both the Extraterrestrial and Predator franchises, although much remains unclear.


The belief that the crossing will involve both the Extraterrestrial and Predator franchises depend on a bit of investigation within the community, as there is no clear evidence of crossover. There’s no Extraterrestrial Where Predator skin, for example. However, what has been datamined seems convincing. Five skins were found, one for Gibraltar and four weapon skins. Gibraltar’s skin gives him an extremely pale complexion, as well as dull gray armor, which is thought to be a nod to the Prometheus fallout from the Extraterrestrial franchise. The guess is that it’s based on the engineer’s aliens.

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This is followed by two weapon skins, the first featuring a black metallic texture with oozing green accents for the CAR SMG. The second skin is a Longbow DMR skin with a black gunmetal base, along with gold plating and a red energy effect. It even has a leather finish on its handles. The first skin is meant to be a nod to the Extraterrestrial The monstrous midnight black skin and acid green blood of Xenomorph. The second is a nod to Predator, as Predators can have gold accents and leather clothing. The second is, of course, a bit exaggerated.

The following two weapon skins tie more convincingly to the Predator franchise. There is an Epic quality Wingman skin and an Epic Hemlok skin. Both of these skins feature digital displays with the Predator movie font. In other words, there’s no way these two weapon skins are anything other than evidence of a Predator crossing.

The other question regarding the leaks is whether they will be tied to a standalone event or if it is planned to be part of Apex Legends‘ annual Halloween Fight or Fright event. Late August leaks for an October event would be early, but not too early depending on when Respawn wants to start the Halloween festivities.

Hopefully Respawn will share more information about the potential Extraterrestrial and Predator crossover event before long. The skins that have been datamined are likely just a preview of what’s in store for the event, though. Apex Legends players shouldn’t expect full Xenomorph or Predator skins like what’s available in Fortnite.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and mobile devices.

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