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MERRITT, BC, September 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Guillaume Tsui uses TO CLOSE ( to build his franchise empire. He co-founded a mobile payment app before launching Canuck eats ( in 2020, in Merritt, BC, a small town a few hours from Vancouver. Dining choices here are limited, and there are few delivery options. Large national delivery apps are not serving this city because the market is too small and local restaurants cannot afford a delivery fleet.

Enter Canuck Eats, a local delivery service focused on fair compensation and high quality service. Once he proved the model locally, William decided to open Canuck Eats franchises through Canada. Canuck Eats uses social media to promote the concept of franchising and capture leads with Facebook as well as from its website.

But following the leads turned out to be a challenge. The founder is busy managing accounting, recruiting, planning… and even acting as a back-up driver when the going gets tough! Guillaume says “I was very lucky to find CLOSEM – it allows me to run the business while taking care of the whole process of following up on new prospects. “

TO CLOSE combines a Contact Management System (CRM) to track leads, with a powerful email platform that automates tracking, known for its ease of use, exceptional customer support, and professionally written message templates

As leads are collected, they automatically enter CLOSEM, are added to a contact list, “tagged” for future identification and sent an email and SMS campaign for appropriate follow-up.

“I use CLOSEM to send both e-mails and text messages, because texting gives us the best response. The whole program has saved us countless hours and the message templates provided are perfect. I hardly needed to modify them ” he says. “Before CLOSEM, I didn’t even dare to start selling franchises because of the other constraints of my time.”

In less than a year, Canuck Eats opened its first franchise in Edmonton, Alberta, and they’re busy launching their second. “CLOSEM was easy to set up and operate, and I’m always amazed that we launched our first franchise so quickly. “

William is no stranger to hard work. His single mother brought William and his sister to Canada of Hong Kong after the death of his father. Motivated to give back, he was director of the Richmond Food Safety Society, and his enthusiastic community spirit is shared by franchisees.

Canuck Eats is on the road to success. Their innovative technology, along with local ownership and fair compensation give them a leg up on major delivery services. They intend to dominate the market in the small town of Canada before expanding internationally.

“CLOSEM is THE complete franchise recruiting system for us. Without it we wouldn’t have franchisees,” said Guillaume.

ABOUT CLOSEM. CLOSEM is a highly rated cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) and users pay a monthly or yearly subscription for the product, developed by visionary marketing and sales gurus. Laura better and Richard Miles. SaaS is a particularly attractive business model for investors due to its low overheads and predictable, recurring revenues. They recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on

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