Connected economy: Acorn Finance and LMN team up


Today, in the connected economy, OmniBiz Nigerian inks deal with brands like Nestlé, Kellogs and Coke to help them track and improve their sales in the African country.

Additionally, payment network Strike is announcing an integration with Shopify, allowing global merchants to accept bitcoin payments, and the Central Bank of Kenya is teaming up with the country’s mobile providers to enable mobile payments on the networks. .

Nigeria’s Omnibiz signs deals with Coke and Nestlé

Some of Nigeria’s biggest consumer goods companies have struck a deal with e-commerce platform Omnibiz designed to boost sales and reduce costs following an e-commerce boom triggered by COVID-19 lockdowns and the use smartphones.

The Lagos-based FinTech has signed up more than 12 companies doing business in Nigeria – including Coca-Cola, Kellog, Nestle, Unilever and Procter & Gamble – that will use Omnibiz’s platform, which tracks sales from distributors to retailers .

Omnibiz said the deal gives it the ability to digitize local annual revenue from its new customers, which is $1.2 billion and represents about 3% of the country’s total fresh produce and packaged food market. .

Shopify, strike to allow Bitcoin payments

The Strike payment network will integrate with the Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify, allowing global merchants to accept bitcoin payments.

The integration aims to make things easier for merchants by allowing them to accept digital currency in the form of US dollars, saving on processing fees through final cash settlements.

Lightning Network will convert Strike Network bitcoin payments to US dollars, a move that should limit digital currency price volatility. Strike Founder and CEO Jack Mallers added that the integration will also include offline merchants including Walmart, McDonald’s and many other US companies.

Kenyan mobile service providers join payment network

Mobile operators in Kenya are joining an initiative by the country’s central bank to integrate Kenyan payment systems by enabling mobile payments over the networks.

The initial phase of the project will allow customers of Telkom Kenya Ltd. and Airtel Networks Kenya Ltd. to pay for their products and services through Safaricom Plc’s M-Pesa, one of Kenya’s largest mobile money platforms.

The Central Bank of Kenya said it wants to see seamless payments across networks so customers can send and receive money from any bank or FinTech. Between 2010 and 2021, the number of mobile money transactions rose from 23% of gross domestic product to 60%, the bank said. Last year, there were over 2.2 billion transactions worth over 6.9 trillion shillings ($60 billion).

Acorn Finance and LMN Partner to Finance Home Renovations

Landscape Management Network (LMN), which provides business management software for contractors, and home improvement lender Acorn Finance have formed a partnership to provide financing to contractors and their clients.

LMN Lend Home Improvement Financing enables contractors using LMN’s software to give their clients access to Acorn Finance’s marketplace for financing options up to $100,000.

“Consumers continue to invest in their properties,” LMN CEO Mark Bradley said in the announcement. “As an entrepreneur, you want to be able to provide the best possible experience for your customers. Knowing that you can now easily guide them through financing options as part of the estimate brings tremendous value to customers and positions landscape farm owners as true partners in renovations.



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