Credit for self-employment – that’s how easy it is





For a loan for self-employment there are basically different financing models. All variants have in common, the loans for the self-employed are very difficult and often granted only slowly. The income security, which is derived with the employee from the income from work, which is missing from income from self-employment. Only very few lenders recognize full order books and a good business evaluation (BWA) to secure a loan. In the search for a loan for the self-employed it is therefore only in the second level to interest rates. Availability has the highest priority here.

The loan for self-employment from public pots.

The loan for self-employment from public pots.

In a loan for self-employment, many entrepreneurs first think of the Intrasavings bank. About the house bank Intrasavings bank loans, for example, for starting a business can apply. Even within the first three years of self-employment there are still programs through which entrepreneurs can get cheap loans.

Unfortunately, a problem for Intrasavings bank loans is the effort that has to be made to apply for it. The flawless application is a fundamental requirement for the loan approval. Some expertise is needed to really bring the process to a successful conclusion. Without a professional help, very few self-employed people can do it. Also the time factor speaks in many cases against the procedure. A good business idea is often based on current needs in a region or business. Once a need has been identified, it usually does not take long. An already active in the market fills this gap. A promising business idea can only be realized with difficulty and competitive pressure.

Improve credit opportunities.

Improve credit opportunities.

Virtually any bank can grant the loan for the self-employment, if the self-employed has help by a surety. The fundamentally lacking confidence in the independence of lending can be produced by a solvent sponsor or co-applicant. Although the self-employed pays back the loan, in case of problems the lender will hold the guarantor liable. Loan heights, up to the limit of the credit rating of the guarantor become possible.

Special loan providers for self-employment also exist in the credit market. However, even with them the credit protection is always in the foreground. The offers are usually from foreign banks as a Swiss loan. Only the private credit market offers realistic prospects for a self-employed loan. Various portals offer the service of contacting private investors on the Internet. If sufficient bids have been placed on a project, then a Swiss bank takes over the entire further processing. The loan for self-employment is paid out. The bank also works as a service provider as a recipient of the repayments and in the distribution of funds to the investors. Personal loans offer the greatest chance of obtaining a loan for self-employment without guarantors.


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