Dana Chanel accused of scamming black companies


    Sprinkle of Jesus founder Dana Chanel attends ASCAP 'Women Behind the Music' night honoring rap pioneers Salt-N-Pepa on October 28, 2015 in New York City.

Sprinkle of Jesus founder Dana Chanel attends ASCAP ‘Women Behind the Music’ night honoring rap pioneers Salt-N-Pepa on October 28, 2015 in New York City.
Photo: Neilson barnard (Getty Images)

Your favorite Bible distributor is back in the news this week. Founder of the Christian mobile application “Sprinkle with Jesus “ and owner of a hair and skin care brand The Curl Bible has now been sued by Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s office for allegedly ripping off the same community it claims to hold accountable, black small business owners. There have been shady business transaction reports with the Philadelphia-Instagram influencer based for years. The complaints came mainly from other Black Philly business owners who had previously used his services for marketing and credit repair, but claimed they never received the services they paid for.

Has the influencer—whose her real name is Casey Olivera—turned out to be a con artist? As she has built an online community of over 750,000 subscribers who are the main supporters of her brand and affiliates, has she managed to play us all under the guise of the “Millennial Millionaire Mentality?” ? “

“Dana Chanel has built an online customer base by presenting herself as a successful small business owned by a black woman,” Shapiro said. “She advertised the products of her companies as a way for other black small business owners to do what she did. Then she scammed the same community she claimed to care about. “

The “Sprinkle with Jesus “ application, which is mainly dedicated to providingng daily devotional content to its subscribers and business consultancy to Christian entrepreneurs, has also been used to market applicationsbuild services to others who wished to create a similar community for themselves. The app’s parent company, Alakazam Apps, LLC, which Chanel owns with her father, Nakia Rattay, was indicted on Friday in a complaint filed by the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

Several complaints have come from customers claiming to have paid the company for the application.construction services and advice on how to maximize their use, and have received neither a application mor a refund.

“Some consumers who paid monthly hosting fees to Alakazam never received a full mobile app from the company or received any mobile apps that lacked the minimum level of functionality needed to give the product any value to the consumer, ”says the lawsuit.

A client who paid more than $ 2,000 to the Chanel company never received the app they paid for and contacted Chanel more than ten times, yet never received an answer, according to the lawsuit.

Other complaints include customers who paid Chanel’s other company, Credit Exterminators, for clean creditservices that, you guessed it, they said they never received, according to the lawsuit. When customers contacted the credit bureaus to track the status of disputes, they were quickly informed that the disputes the company had claimed to be doing on their behalf have never been deposited. Efforts to secure repayments have once again hit a brick wall.

“It’s tough enough these days for workers in Philadelphia,” Shapiro said Friday. “We can’t have bad actors breaking the law and making it even harder for people to solve their bad credit or keep their small businesses afloat. “

Dana Chanel has yet to make a public statement on the allegations.


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