Fans are trying to figure out why Netflix doesn’t have an A-List franchise


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We have been hearing for years that netflix is looking for its own in-house franchise with the potential to compete with the biggest brands in the industry like star wars, Harry Potterand the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or even fast furious Where Impossible missionthe streaming service continuing to fail.

Ironically, zeitgeist content is more likely to be in episodic form, with stranger things, the witcher, squid gameand Bridgerton just four properties to dominate the pop culture conversation, generate huge viewership numbers, and launch multiple seasons and/or spinoffs.

The gray man is Netflix’s latest attempt to lay the groundwork for sequels, spinoffs and everything else, but critics haven’t exactly been kind to the platform’s latest $200 million blockbuster. With that in mind, Redditors wonder why the company can’t seem to crack the formula for success that has worked so well for so many theatrical IPs.

red notice has consecutive sequels in development, army of the dead becomes a whole universe, and The gray man could follow suit with Extraction when it comes to worldbuilding, but beyond that the choices are pretty slim. Looking at the most-watched originals of all time, The old guard has a second filming chapter as we speak, bird box has spinoffs in the works, but 6 Underground was canned, and Spenser Confidential became awfully quiet.

Perhaps it’s a case of being available only on demand, or Netflix’s habit of picking up expensive projects that other studios aren’t willing to spend the money on. Either way, the streamer will continue to search for its golden goose for the foreseeable future.


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