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Recently we spent the last who knows how long, replay Pokémon Blue, Red, and Yellow on 3DS Virtual Console, and binge on the original Pokémon animated series on Netflix alongside that, and what a time I spent! Netflix is ​​rumored to be planning a live-action Pokémon series as well, and this won’t be the first time Netflix has adapted a game franchise, with Castlevania and The Witcher proving to be wildly successful as an animated series and live action respectively, not to mention the recent CG Resident Evil series.

Playing these classic Pokémon games and watching a series based on them made us think of Nintendo Life, what other Nintendo franchises would we like to see turn into a series? Below, we’ve listed nine franchises that we think would make great shows. Some are popular stalwarts of the Nintendo universe, others are forgotten gems that could make a comeback.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch)

Editor: Nintendo / Developer: Intelligent systems

Release date: July 26, 2019 (United States) / July 26, 2019 (UK / EU)

Okay, we’ll apologize now as we’ll only be talking about Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Awakening has helped “save” the series and grow its fan base, but Three Houses has helped showcase the franchise’s potential on a home console for people who missed out on GameCube and Wii entries. The handful of fully animated cut scenes in the game are so, so beautiful, how not to want a Fire Emblem series? There are also multiple story routes, leaving endless possibilities for a lively narrative to follow.

Aside from the main story, we would potentially like to see “promotions” that focus on each house and the students within, exploring their backgrounds and relationships – similar to supportive conversations, but more fleshed out. We would pay dearly to find out all about our daughter Hilda, and we imagine any Three Houses fan would feel the same about their best guy or best daughter. Another option could be to fully animate the paralogs and the story of the characters involved. We would like to learn more about Seteth and Flayn and their life before they arrived at the monastery.

The real question is, what form of Byleth would she present?

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Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate (Switch)Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate (Switch)

Editor: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo

Release date: December 7, 2018 (United States) / December 7, 2018 (UK / EU)

We know, we know, the license alone would make it practically impossible, but we can dream, can’t we !? From the opening of World of Light to all the character reveals we’ve seen over the past few years, the possibilities for a Super Smash Bros. video game crossover series. are endless.

Yes, the license would make it impossible for multiple characters to be present, but even with the only roster owned by Nintendo, it would be foolish to argue over them all. We think that a fully animated masterpiece and a mad hand would make great sections of physical comedy, however, and there would be lots and lots of interactions that would just be super fun to watch unfold.

Our boy Kirby can just be there sucking everyone off when he (he? Apparently) wants it, too. To see? Endless comedy potential.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch)Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch)

Editor: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo

Release date: April 28, 2017 (United States) / April 28, 2017 (UK / EU)

We have kids who are obsessed with Mickey and the roadster racers. When we first sat down and watched this with them, we thought how do you tell a story around running with characters that aren’t known to racing? It turns out it’s not too difficult at all!

This series could be centered around a “World Tour” – more like the mobile game – where Bowser or any chosen villain tries to stop Mario and his friends from winning, or even completing Grand Prix races. We don’t know anyone who hasn’t played Mario Kart, so we think a series would be fun, especially for a younger audience, introducing them to characters that aren’t usually the focus of most Nintendo games.

Chibi-Robo (GCN)Chibi-Robo (GCN)

Editor: Nintendo / Developer: to jump

Release date: February 6, 2006 (United States) / May 26, 2006 (UK / EU)

If you didn’t think you would read about us pleading for Following Chibi-Robo, you obviously don’t care how much we love the little guy.

The GameCube Chibi-Robo game takes place in a house where the eponymous little robot was bought as a birthday present for a calm eight-year-old girl named Jenny. We could see this as an opportunity to give Chibi-Robo the heart we already know from this “Tin-Man”; bonding with Jenny is a Wall-E-esque fashion and help him in more than just the work capacity for which he was bought.

It would be lovely, and we sure wouldn’t cry like we were watching Luca every day for a month. Children, eh? They will tune you up. Well, the kids and Pixar. And Chibi-Robo.

Kid Icare: Insurrection (3DS)Kid Icare: Insurrection (3DS)

Editor: Nintendo / Developer: Sora project

Release date: March 23, 2012 (United States) / March 23, 2012 (UK / EU)

Hey Nintendo, why isn’t there a new Kid Icarus game on the Switch? Or at least a port of the 3DS game. Kid Icarus: Insurgency? For those who played, it was a beautiful game that really showed the potential of 3DS. It also allowed many people to experience Pit, Palutena, Medusa and many more.

A fantasy world based on Greek mythology leaves an open world of possibilities to turn into an incredibly dramatic series. A series might be just what Pit needs to stand out as a simple Smash character to a larger audience. And you can’t have a series without a chain game, can you? Right? Right?

WarioWare: unite!  (Change)WarioWare: unite!  (Change)
Release date: September 10, 2021 (United States) / September 10, 2021 (UK / EU)

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to watch the anti-hero, Wario, have his own series, causing trouble and mischief !?

Many of Wario’s games have focused on him searching for treasure and loot, with the goal that he puff his way to become the richest man in the kingdom (or at least richer than Mario). And of course, we have to have Captain Syrup as the antagonist of the story, who seems to have a head start on Wario and his plans. WarioWare: unite! seeks to showcase the colorful cast of characters who have featured in its microgames like never before, and we would jump at the chance to see 9-Volt on TV as well.

Ring Fit Adventure (Switch)Ring Fit Adventure (Switch)

Editor: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo

Release date: October 18, 2019 (United States) / October 18, 2019 (UK / EU)

For the past eighteen months, and during lockdown, we have alternated between one of the two characters: either we were in the best shape of our lives or we were spending all of our time gorging ourselves on everything and everything. what our eyes could consume. Most of us were the latter, and we really could have spent all those hours in Ring Fit Adventure instead of trying to create a perfect, shiny Obstagoon IV.

As most people thought when playing RFA, it’s more than just a fitness game. We could see this become an adventure / educational series in which alongside a narrative where there may be some obstacles to overcome in order to defeat an enemy or overcome a problem, the Ring Fit Trainer could explain which muscles are used, why they are important and how they actions can be used to get in shape.

You would imagine it to be quite similar to the Japanese anime How heavy are the dumbbells you lift? but instead of bodybuilding, it would be fitness.

Excitebike 64 (N64)Excitebike 64 (N64)

Editor: Nintendo / Developer: Left field productions

Release date: April 30, 2000 (United States) / June 8, 2001 (UK / EU)

Excitebike is a long forgotten Nintendo franchise that hasn’t seen much love in recent years. We could see a competitive, glory-driven narrative where returning characters from Excitebike 64, such as “Jumpin Jim” Rivers or “Tricky Ricky” Stern, battle to be the Excitebike World Champion.

The platforms this franchise appeared on were visually limited compared to current potential, so an animated series could really show how exciting a bike can be!

Punch !!  (Wii)Punch !!  (Wii)

Editor: Nintendo / Developer: Higher level games

Release date: May 18, 2009 (United States) / May 22, 2009 (UK / EU)

Do you have every watch Rocky? How about the anime Hajime No Ippo? If your answer is ‘yes’ to either of these questions, then you know how captivating and beautiful a boxing story can be. It’s one of the few on this list that we wouldn’t mind having as a live action or animated series. Of course, some rivals from the original game series wouldn’t make the cut into a modern series, but maybe this is the opportunity to introduce some new characters to kick off a new game that’s coming soon.

If we are dreaming, then why not launch an Arms crossover? Wondering how Little Mac would fare against Spring Man or Min-Min?

These are just a handful of franchises that would make great shows that we could all binge on and fall in love with, but there are plenty more that aren’t listed here. What franchises would you like to see turn into a series? Let us know in the comments.


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