Franchises That Would Be Fun To See At Disney Dreamlight Valley


However Disney Valley of Dreams is only in early access, players can already interact with an impressive number of characters. Figures of The little Mermaid, Frozenand Moana are present, as well as the always adorable WALL-E. Merlin, Mickey Mouse and other icons are present, and Mother Gothel is unlikely to be the only one Tangled character to appear. With The Lion King and toy story content planned for the next game, and Stitch and Belle have confirmed, there’s plenty to be excited about. However, the sky is the limit of potential Disney Valley of Dreams additions.


While players can push for more obvious things Disney Valley of Dreams additions like Monsters Inc. and Destroy it Ralphas both franchises are already heavily represented by in-game items, there are more obscure choices that might fit the game even better. Some franchises may even provide more than one character, giving Gameloft a chance to add lots of content through a single realm gate.

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Hercules has already found success in the video game industry thanks to the Kingdom Hearts series, so Gameloft already has something to pull off when creating 3D models for its game. Hercules himself would be more interesting than the current male cast, as Prince Eric and Kristoff are hardly the most exciting characters. Meg would be great to see, as her personality would be a stark contrast to upbeat characters like Anna and Minnie. As always, Hades would be a show stealer, especially with the potential for an underworld-like home. Given Disney Valley of DreamsThe heavy use of villains so far, Hades in particular, would be a logical addition.

The Emperor’s New Groove

With Kronk’s Spinach Puffs referenced in Disney Valley of Dreams already, as it is a recipe that players can cook, there is hope for The Emperor’s New Groove contents. Kronk and Kuzco would make great additions to the lineup, as it’s easy to imagine quests for them. Players can go on stealth missions with Kronk while making spinach puffs for him, and for Kuzco, quests could revolve around turning him from a llama into a human. Seeing Kuzco roam Dreamlight Valley in llama form would be hilarious, so hopefully The Emperor’s New Groove content is optionally added.


by Disney Mulane is yet another franchise that can provide multiple characters for Disney Valley of Dreams. Both Mushu and Mulan herself could come to the game, with the former having a series of quests that sees her striving to prove herself to the people of the valley. The items that could be unlocked by leveling up both characters would likely be great, with dragon-themed items from Mushu and neat warrior gear handed out by Mulan.


However Dumbo is an IP address that can only really provide its titular character, it’s hard to top the flying elephant in terms of cuteness. If added to Disney Valley of Dreams, players might be in store for adorable animations that see Dumbo flying through the valley, and his interactions with characters like WALL-E might be unforgettable. Dumbo’s level 10 item might even allow players to hover above the ground and move slightly faster, making it a really special cosmetic that drives players to befriend him.

These are just a few of the franchises that could be added to Disney Valley of Dreams, as the amount of content owned by the company is staggering. Pixar properties like At the top and The Incredibles may be depicted in Star Path, but the actual characters from those films could be great to see in-game. Likewise, Star Wars and Marvel content could be a legitimate possibility down the road. Clearly, the future is very bright for Disney Valley of Dreamsas characters could be added for years to come.

Disney Valley of Dreams is available in early access for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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