Freddy Vs Jason’s Original Plan Changed In Every Way


Freddy Vs Jason was almost very different, with Peter Jackson directing the Nightmare On Elm Street/Friday the 13th crossover and Pinhead appearing.

The 2003 Slashers Showdown Freddy versus Jason spent years in development hell, and fans of both Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday 13 Franchises may be dismayed to find that viewers missed out on many promising shots in this era. When Freddy versus Jason was first announced, fans of both slasher series were thrilled. Subsequent film appearances by Jason Voorhees had slid more and more into self-parody and accordingly garnered waning critical reviews, while the more recent Nightmare on Elm Street The film was reduced to pitting Freddy and the Dream Demons against his secret daughter in a desperate attempt to tie the franchise together. Both slashers needed a fresh start, and a showdown between the two titans of the horror subgenre seemed like the perfect setup for such a comeback.


When Freddy versus Jason Arriving in cinemas in 2003, the bloody R-rated horror-comedy was widely seen as a return to form for both franchises despite its flaws. With a 41% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the film was by no means a critical triumph. However, it was a marked improvement over some of the more recent offerings from each franchise. However, despite this relative success, Freddy versus Jason sacrificed crazy, exciting and promising ideas to end up on the big screen.

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Thanks to the complicated issue of securing the rights of the two competing horror franchises, Freddy versus Jason took a while to get to the screen. Just like how the earlier Nightmare on Elm Street following dream warriors changed many of its original ambitious plans during the production process, much of the original vision of Freddy versus Jason was lost between the script and the screen. What drew fans in was a much-loved, fast-paced story with striking settings and a pleasantly tongue-in-cheek tone. However, what fans might have expected was a film that bridged the plots of both franchises, an appearance by a third horror icon, and the return of many crucial legacy characters.

Freddy Vs by Peter Jackson. Jason

Lionel Cosgrove in Braindead Dead Alive

While perhaps best known as a successful director, in the early 90s Peter Jackson was a rising star in the world of horror cinema thanks to his inventive and inexpensive early horror comedies. Having already written a rejected draft for the sixth Nightmare on Elm Street movie Freddie is deadJackson was offered the opportunity to direct Freddy versus Jason. However, this time it was the director’s chance to turn down the producers. Jackson opted out of the project as he wasn’t a fan of the film’s script, while cult horror filmmaker Rob Zombie also opted out of directing. Freddy versus Jason thanks to his busy schedule House of 1000 corpses.

Jackson spurned the opportunity in the late ’90s and, by the time Freddy versus Jason went into production in 2001, a famous fantasy franchise ensured that the director would never have been free to shoot the slasher film regardless. As for the other up-and-coming horror writer who was offered the job of director Freddy versus Jason, Zombie ended up working on another iconic slasher franchise instead. The success of House of 1000 Corpses success led Zombie to reboot Halloweenthe other famous slasher series with an inconsistent screen story.

Freddy vs. Jason vs. Pinhead

Jason Pinhead and Freddy

Since the two characters began the story of Freddy versus Jason in hell, it makes sense that hellraiserPinhead’s iconic villain was originally slated to make an appearance in the film. Doug Bradley’s character often appeared alongside the Springwood slasher and Camp Crystal Lake’s most famous son as an icon of ’80s slasher cinema, though the hellraiser the films technically did not fit the slasher mold until their later sequels. Despite this fact, there is no doubt that a generation of fans who were marked by the three villains in their childhood would have appreciated the cameo but, unfortunately, the complications involved in obtaining the rights to the character created by Clive Barker have made this prospect a distant dream. Similarly, a first draft linked the film to the evil Dead franchise, an interesting idea that could have easily resulted in many Freddy versus Jason plot holes when it merged the canon of the three franchises. This idea was revisited in a successful comedy spin-off, where Ash Williams took on both villains and (almost) scored a hard-earned victory.

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Return of Friday the 13th and Nightmare On Elm Street Characters

Frequently recast Friday 13 franchise legend Tommy Jarvis was originally scheduled to appear in Freddy versus Jasonin the same way dream warriors supporting star Dr Neil Gordon. Bringing back these legacy characters could have permanently merged the canon of the two franchises, but the finished film instead opted to focus on new characters and avoid the convoluted backstories of either series. To be fair to the filmmakers, the two Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday 13 had some pretty convoluted storylines at the time Freddy versus Jason was born, so avoiding the previous movies in bulk was the easiest way to avoid unraveling those storylines. However, finally answering the mystery of what happened to Neil Gordon after the events of dream warriors would have been a satisfying plot for Freddy versus Jason to fill, and there was a large Friday 13 The star could have appeared without the movie needing to explain the entire canon of the franchise. Mrs. Voorhees herself Betsy Palmer was even offered an appearance but chose not to return as the salary offered was not enough.

Freddy’s connection to Jason

Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees in Freddy vs. Jason

Several unlikely connections between Freddy and Jason were considered during the early stages of Freddy versus Jasondevelopment. Unlikely storylines such as Freddy being Jason’s father and Freddy letting Jason drown were all discussed before the filmmakers decided that the personal connection between the villains added nothing to the film’s story. Because Freddy versus JasonLori’s Last Daughter is the true victor of the showdown between Freddy and Jason, it makes sense that the director and writers chose not to waste screen time on a convoluted backstory that would inevitably come back to parts. of the two franchises. While dropping the Dr. Gordon and Mrs. Voorhees cameos the movie didn’t feel moored in either franchise, adding a connection between Freddy and Jason wouldn’t necessarily have done anything to deepen their conflict or make it more convincing. As such, the filmmakers probably did the right thing by vetoing this Freddy versus Jason idea from the start of production, leaving the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday 13 stories as separate and infinitely complicated as ever.

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