Horror Game Franchises Above 75 Metascore


Many people regard horror games as nothing more than cheap experiences designed solely to scare players into add as many jumpscares as possible. However, this line of thinking is quite wrong, with many horror games actually using psychological elements and environmental design to tell a gripping story that will keep players on the edge of their seat until the very end.

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Many stellar horror game franchises have come out which have gained wide recognition for a multitude of reasons. These games do a great job of scaring gamers by perfecting every facet of their video games and ensuring that horror is the primary focus of the series. Some horror video game franchises have remained fairly consistent in terms of overall quality, with the best listed below.


5/5 BioShock

The BioShock The trilogy needs no introduction, with the first game pretty much putting Ken Levine on the map as one of the most creative minds in the gaming industry. Navigating the claustrophobic halls of Rapture was a blast and held up to Game 2 as well, even though people found this sequel inferior in many ways to Game 1.

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This is where Game 3 came into play and instead brought fans to the floating city of Columbia. Of course, the game’s horror aesthetic may have been downplayed slightly in Bioshock Infinite, but the game could still scare players when it wanted to. All in all, gamers looking for a horror franchise that delivers an incredible story should look no further than the BioShock series. The games will keep them on the edge of their seats as they uncover the mysteries of the world, with the first and third games being truly spectacular works of art.

4/5 dead space

dead space is one of the most iconic survival horror franchises of all time. The games have made headlines time and time again and are still talked about to this day. Of course, with the announcement of the dead space remake and former team members are developing The Callisto Protocol plus, it’s easy to see why Dead Space is still such a hot topic even now.

Isaac Clarke’s story as he deals with the horror of necromorphs time and time again creates a horrifying but engrossing time period that fans will have a great time with. Whereas Dead space 3 is nowhere near as great as the other two games in the series, there’s no denying that the series is still a horror classic that fans should check out if they haven’t already.


With the HARLER The series finally gets a new mainline entry after what feels like forever, there’s no better time to jump into one of the most challenging survival horror games ever made. It is undeniable that the HARLER the games are full of bugs and bad design choices, but the mods have done a great job of fixing its issues and making every game in the series playable enough on modern hardware.

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Both The shadow of Chernobyl and Call of Pripyat are excellent titles, while Clear sky is also a decent title in its own right despite lacking some of the things that make this franchise so special. If players don’t mind being thrown against a brick wall over and over again until they conform to the game and its mechanics, then the HARLER the series is one of the best things they can spend their time with.

2/5 Subway

The Subway the trilogy is one of the best first person horror shooters…and some of the toughest titles around. The game doesn’t shy away from brutalizing players who don’t prioritize ammo management or approach combat situations tactically, and players who fail to perform either will be punished accordingly for their negligence.

A single misstep in one of the Subway games can turn out to be a costly affair that robs players of a ton of health and can even damage their gear. The tense nature of the game paired with a deceptively gripping narrative is what separates Subway from the rest of the pack.

1/5 dark souls

Most people might be puzzled by the thought of putting dark souls in the category of horror games. Of course, it is undeniable that dark souls is primarily an action-adventure title…but it’s the oppressive nature of these games coupled with the tenacity of most enemies that makes it a prime candidate to be a bit of a horror game as well.

After all, the tense nature of dark soulsadded to its surprise encounters and brutal boss battles, it is quite horrifying for many players. It may not be an outright horror game, but the dark souls trilogy does a better job of scaring players than most other horror games.

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