Join us in Vegas in April for MUFC 2023


Hello fellow franchisees,

I am honored and grateful to be chairing the 2023 Multi-Unit Franchise Conference (MUFC) this coming April 25-28 in Las Vegas at Caesars Forum. I am delighted to be able to give back to the conference which has given me so much personally, professionally and financially in the more than 20 years that I have attended.

Like many of us, I attend many events throughout the year. But no other event quite like the MUFC. The conference gave me the opportunity to meet, network and develop relationships with the most successful people in franchising. Many have become close friends over the years and have helped me learn and grow my business even further.

MUFC educational tracks bring you the latest ideas, innovations and strategies for success to help you meet the challenges of operating and growing a franchise in today’s environment. The training sessions are unique in that you will hear and learn first-hand experiences from successful franchisees in many different businesses. For me, I know that many of the ideas and strategies that I have implemented in my own business over the years have come from franchisees outside of my industry.

The MUFC brings together more Resources in one place you won’t find anywhere else: finance, technology, HR, benefits, marketing, social media, real estate, construction, and dozens of other service provider and vendor tools we need to manage our operations more efficiently.

And above all, there is no other event where you will find so many Opportunities for new brands to grow your business for the future. Next year’s event promises to bring you hundreds of the most innovative, established and fastest growing franchise opportunities available today.

There is simply no other event that can offer you the relationships, ideas, resources and opportunities that will help you and your business grow towards a greater future.

I look forward to seeing you there!

With gratitude,

Gary Robin

(Owner of several Supercuts)

On a sad note, former MUFC president and longtime advisory board member Greg Cutchall passed away recently. Friend and peer to many of us, Greg’s impact on the conference will be missed, but never forgotten.


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