Loan for self-employed without BWA – is it?



The self-employed have a much harder time with the banks than employees and do not easily get a loan. This is mainly due to the fact that the well-known banks carry out extensive audits and also demand very high collateral.

The self-employed must, inter alia, also have their business evaluation (BWA) handed over to the bank and have it checked. Particularly with still very young enterprises or with self-employed with only small profits the banks tend to reject the loan application. They are worried about a default and will not grant loans to the self-employed without a BWA that is positive.

Significantly fewer obstacles for direct banks

Significantly fewer obstacles for direct banks

Although banks on the Internet want to see collateral just like normal banks, they refrain from checking and insisting on BWA. So also companies come to a credit, which are in a rather bad situation and have no good BWA. Since the loan for self-employed without BWA not only relatively easy to get, but also much cheaper than locally, the borrowers benefit in both respects.

You can claim the credit simply by an online application and get a grant much faster. Alternative collateral is not a problem for direct banks, a good guarantor or existing real estate is perfectly adequate even in this day and age. If the online application is approved, the loan for self-employed persons without BWA will be transferred to the account of the borrower within a few days.

Convenient and convenient to get a bigger sum

Convenient and convenient to get a bigger sum

Since the interest, the term and also the other conditions with the direct banks are very profitable for borrowers, a favorable financing stands in the way. A loan for the self-employed without a BWA, the company can meet its financial obligations and even overcome difficult times successfully. The interest rates are within a range of usually only 4 or 5 percent, the terms can be lengthened and agree on up to 120 months.

The loan amount for the loan for self-employed without BWA can be quite 10,000 euros or even more. With the money that is available very quickly, the self-employed can finance any purchase or meet their payment obligations. The monthly installments are correspondingly low, especially for a very long term. The loan for the self-employed without BWA is thus also available to borrowers without a positive business evaluation and offers numerous advantages. Even a high sum of money can be availed with low monthly installments and used for a free purpose.


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