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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Fans who saw Spider-Man: No Path Home watched as three generations of the character came together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to take on villains from across the multiverse, which successfully ended Sony’s long-standing Spider-Man franchises.

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The MCU’s Spider-Man made the heroic decision to try and solve some of the villains’ issues before restoring the multiverse with the help of Doctor Strange. This allowed the respective Spider-Men to not only find a fence for themselves, but also set the modern version ready for its new future by ending Spider-Man’s first MCU trilogy.

ten Peter 3 was awarded with the original calling him incredible

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man

The three live-action Spider-Men were introduced to each other through Ned Leeds’ use of Doctor Strange’s slingshot ring. They bonded with each other through shared stories and explorations of their differences, which included wonder at the organic shooters from the original Spider-Man cutscene.

Andrew Garfield’s “Peter 3” felt unfinished after hearing about some of his counterparts’ exploits, which reflected some fan’s thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. However, the original Spider-Man Tobey Maguire AKA “Peter 2 ″ gave him a pep talk and called him amazing, which Peter 3 really needed to hear.

9 Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man was able to save MJ when she fell

Zendaya's GM drops in Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer

One of the biggest losses of all of Sony’s Spider-Man franchises was the death of Gwen Stacy in The Incredible Spider-Man 2, which shattered Peter 3 and led to a dark time for the character when he stopped hitting weaker enemies. MJ almost suffered the same fate as TASM‘s Gwen Stacy when she fell from the Statue of Liberty in the final battle.

While the MCU’s Spider-Man was prevented from helping by Green Goblin, Garfield’s Peter 3 was able to swing around and make the save that he failed to do in his own universe. Saving MJ gave Peter 3 much needed redemption to help him overcome the death of Gwen Stacy and become Spider-Man.

8 Electro was depowered and settled the grudge with his Spider-Man

The electro of Jamie Foxx in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Path Home rounded up nearly every villain who had previously appeared on the big screen, including Jamie Foxx’s Electro from The Incredible Spider-Man 2. The character received a new body and a huge power boost when he arrived in the MCU and took control of one of Tony Stark’s arc reactors that powered his Iron Man armor.

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Electro led the charge among the villains to stay in the MCU, although after being unloaded he shared a moment with his reality Spider-Man that allowed him to bury his grudge. He was also better prepared to return to his own reality without his powers as he still remained in his new body.

seven Dr Curt Connors’ curse as the Lizard was ended by his Spider-Man

The Lizard (Rhys Ifans) after his defeat in "The Amazing Spider-Man" (2012).

Andrew Garfield faced off against another of his former villains when The Lizard also made the multiversal leap to the MCU in Spider-Man: No Path Home. While the monstrous villain still retained his desire to turn humanity into lizard creatures like himself, he largely cooperated with Spider-Man’s plan to bring them all home after healing them from their transformations.

However, he was one of the first to be healed in the final battle by the same Spider-Man who healed him in The Amazing Spider-Man, who deepened their relationship even further as Peter 3 once again cured Connors of the Lizard’s curse to give him a second chance in his own world.

6 Peter 2 revealed his relationship with MJ Watson is still intact

Peter and MJ on a Spider-Man 3 canvas

2007 Spider-man 3 ended with a tense but tender moment between Peter 2 and his MJ Watson which gave the couple a somewhat ambiguous ending. However, after all of the Peter’s got together and started working on the various cures for multiversal villains, he gave fans some closure on their relationship.

While he said it was still complicated like much of their relationship from Raimi’s original trilogy, Peter 2 and his GM were still together in his universe. Fans may never have seen Raimi’s Spider-Man 4, but at least one of the central questions left by Spider Man 3 has been answered.

5 Sandman was cured so he could finally return home to his daughter

SM3 Flint Marko Sandman Apologizes To Peter Parker

When Sandman first appeared in the MCU Universe, he had already received his shutdown after Peter 2 forgave him for his role in the death of Uncle Ben which was revealed in Spider-man 3. He treated Spider-Man like a friend until he got caught up in the other villains’ plans to stay, although his only motivation was to return home to his daughter.

Since he had already received forgiveness from his Peter Parker, Sandman wasn’t exactly looking to end their relationship. However, he still got what he didn’t realize he wanted when he was healed and sent back to his daughter so he could resume a normal life.

4 Doctor Octopus got his mind back and was able to fight like a hero

When Doctor Octopus first appeared on the big screen in 2004 Spider-man 2, his mind had fallen under the influence of the artificial intelligence that controlled his robotic tentacles. He was able to temporarily regain control of his final battle with Spider-Man to save the city, though it cost his own life.

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Spider-Man: No Path Home managed to restore the chip that gave Dr. Otto Octavius ​​control of his arms and freed his mind, which allowed him to fight with the heroes against the multiversal villains in the final battle at the Statue of freedom.

3 Peter 2 and Doctor Octopus got a brief reminder of their friendship

Peter, Otto and Rosalie from Spider-Man 2

Doctor Octopus’ moment of clarity that allowed him to help the Spider-Men against the other villains also provided a great moment between Otto and his young friend, Peter Parker 2. Doc Ock was amazed to see his Peter all tall. and still fighting like Spider-Man, and it was easy to see that Peter was happy to see his potential mentor in control of his mind again.

They shared a touching reminder of their first meeting as science enthusiasts at Spider-man 2 before Otto’s transformation, which allowed Peter 2 to overcome the death of his former mentor who had haunted him for years.

2 Norman Osborn has finally been cured of his controlling Green Goblin character


One of the biggest threats to the MCU across the multiverse was Norman Osborn / Green Goblin from the original Raimi franchise, who met his demise in 2002. Spider Man. While the character of Osborn briefly aided the MCU’s Peter Parker in his plans to heal the villains, the Green Goblin quickly returned to wreak havoc and lead the other villains on a new path.

Green Goblin managed to remove another loved one from Peter Parker’s life before he was finally healed by Peter 1 of the MCU. Norman Osborn only regained sanity to feel the consequences of his actions as Goblin, while also facing the grief of losing his son for the first time before he was returned to his reality.

1 MCU’s Spider-Man has a fresh start inspired by previous generations

Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home

It wasn’t just Sony’s previous Spider-Man franchises and characters that received some closure, as the MCU’s Peter Parker and his related characters also received a definitive ending that marked a new beginning for everyone. Peter 1 is completely alone as his friends head to college with no memory of him.

And while he still mourns the loss of his Aunt May, he moves forward as the hopeful new Spider-Man with a deeper understanding of his power and responsibility that has been further inspired by his interactions with multiversals. Spider-Men. The other MCU characters in Spider-Man’s life are also each set up for a new path with minimal baggage from the First Trilogy.

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