Payroll Vault Wins 2021 Top STAR Award for Franchise Recruitment


The big winner of this year’s annual STAR Awards competition was a service mark: Payroll Vault. The STAR award winners represent 2021 franchise recruiting best practices, which include telephone response, website, and franchisee satisfaction performance.

Payroll Vault’s win for Best Overall Performance put the franchise “on a cloud nine,” said Marilyn Manning, director of franchise development. “Last year we were in constant reaction mode. It wasn’t day to day or week to week, it was hour by hour.

Payroll is a staple in any type of business, and as the economy battles the impact of the pandemic, brand activity has taken off. One of its benefits was built in, says Manning. While many businesses struggled to adapt to telecommuting, Payroll Vault was already here.

“Everything we do is completely remote,” she says. This perk was just one of the strengths of Payroll Vault that elevated the brand to the top of this year’s STAR Awards competition.

When it comes to assessing candidates, Manning prides itself on being a quick and passionate reader, tailoring her approach to the individual circumstances of each potential franchisee, and being realistic about the needs of the business, even if that means a candidate might not go. forward with a contract.

“Recently we had a great candidate getting ready for a Discovery Day. His wife was expecting their first child. I said, “Are you sure? He called me back to tell me they were going to delay.

As Payroll Vault nears its 10th anniversary with 67 locations in 33 states, the past year has been one of the biggest in history.


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