Paytronix Uses AI To Advance Order And Delivery


Since the acquisition and integration of Open Dining two years ago, the Paytronix customer experience platform has strived to retain restaurant customers by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its customer experience solution. order and delivery.

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Paytronix CEO Andrew Robbins said in an emailed press release to PYMNTS that providing diners with a great dining experience is about “developing relationships” that go into the longer term and beyond. of the single transaction.

“A restaurant’s digital presence is now the primary means by which customers discover and interact with brands. So marketers need a cutting edge platform that embraces this new reality, ”said Robbins, adding that customer relationships should be developed across all touch points.

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The evolution of the company’s ordering and delivery solution utilizes AI-powered guest intelligence, making it easier for marketers to respond to customers. The enhanced platform offers tools like Order Experience Builder and FEEDback, as well as its loyalty and CRM solutions.

“Numerical ordering is at the heart of how brands operate today, and this opens up a huge opportunity to ensure that restaurants and convenience stores can create the best experience for their customers throughout the customer journey,” said Tim Ridgely, responsible for orders and delivery at Paytronix. .

“Brands need to be able to manage third-party markets on one side of this journey and the delivery channel on the other. Then, they need to hear from their guests and maintain direct, long-term relationships. We’re focused on all of this, ”Ridgely said.

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AI and customer feedback are built into the platform, giving restaurants and convenience stores intelligence tools to develop strong customer relationships and to ‘optimize [the] customer lifetime value.



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