Pizza del Perro Negro, ready to multiply under the franchise model


As part of the celebration of its tenth anniversary, the iconic Pizzeria del Perro Negro , known for creating genuine Mexican pizzas and promoting the urban cultural, music and sports scene, announced that it will begin granting franchises to replicate its business model.

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This Mexican pizzeria is characterized by a wide variety of flavors, among which stand out typical dishes such as: carnitas, el pastor, chilaquiles, which are complemented by a visual and musical proposal in each of its units.

At a press conference, Andrés Carrillo, CEO of Dominate the World with Pizza, the company in charge of marketing the franchise, explained that: “The decision to start a franchise was made during the months of the pandemic when we assessed the strengths of the company and realized that we have a strong organization and that over the 10 years of operation we have developed a system that can be replicated.

Franchising is an important step for us, because it means that we have to assume the commitment to share our knowledge, both in the gastronomic and commercial fields with our prospects and to do this we want to find the right people, this that is, those who engage. with the company, knowing it, exploiting it and making it grow, ”said Andrés Carrillo.

One of the characteristics of the investor profile is that of a person who knows the pizzeria and loves the Black Dog philosophy.

Andrés Carrillo, CEO of Dominate the World with Pizza.

For his part, César Aranday, managing director of the consulting firm Aranday & Asociados, which helped develop the brand’s franchise model, mentioned that the Pizzería Perro Negro is a completely disruptive model, which not only has food , but art, concerts and MMA. battles, the selection for each unit will therefore be very detailed.

“The truth is that in the organization they don’t improvise, what I found is that they organize themselves. At the end of the day, we have a very strong franchise, we want highly selected franchisees who are not just entrepreneurs who see it as a business, but as part of a philosophy, of thought and that will ensure our success, ”says Cesar Aranday at the launch of the franchise.

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Company franchise

The franchise project starts from a unit, it is a business franchise that will serve as a laboratory to put into practice the work that has been carried out in the standardization of processes, the distribution of inputs and the operation of the establishment.

This the first location will be in the Coyoacán district and it is estimated that it will start operations before the end of this year, as the location is already available and work is underway to adapt it.

“Our expectation is that for the next five years, we will have 30 franchised units in operation , to achieve this goal, we will begin granting units to Mexico City and 100 kilometers around.

The reality is that we have offers to open units in: Querétaro, Michoacán and Jalisco, but in accordance with our philosophy and to thank the love and loyalty of our customers, we evaluate the proposals of people who, long before , have shown their interest in having a black dog. “

According to what Andrés Carrillo said, the approximate total investment in a Black Dog franchise is 2.5 million pesos . The recovery of the the investment is estimated at 30 months . There is a five percent monthly royalty on unit sales and a 2% corporate advertising fee.

While the duration of the the franchise contract is for 10 years , it should be noted that the franchisee will receive from Pizza del Perro Negro a timely follow-up of the premises selection process, through its renovation, staff training, start-up of the pizzeria operation and support and supervision after opening and periodic assistance.

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Pizzas del Perro Negro, Francisco Angelini, co-founder of the company, declared that “Perro Negro has been synonymous with underground, since its creation it has dedicated and committed to be irreverent and to offer a B side of things. He does not like to be bored, he has always been winged and has never been afraid to say what he thinks, on the contrary, he does. By having a philosophy of life in this style, he has done everything and that is why on this 10th anniversary he wants to unite everything he has collected and bring everything together in one big party that aims to become an annual festival that continues to grow. promote all that has been achieved in a decade of work and effort ”.

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Pizza del Perro Negro, was touted from the start in Mexico City and around the world as a pizzeria that loves Rock & Roll and irreverence. From his beginnings, he made it clear that in addition to being a restaurant, he was at the head of a cultural movement that had come to support all those who were then called the renegades.

During its ten years of existence, Perro Negro has organized multiple concerts, exhibitions, events and activations to promote its delicious pizzas that have become urban legends, such as: Hombre Vs Pizza and Somos Jauría. Today it is one of the strongest and most recognized pizzerias in Mexico thanks to its captive audience that calls itself Jauría.

“Most of our clientele are economically active, they already have a job that allows them to buy what they like and go out on weekends to restaurants, events, bazaars, concerts and events. other cultural events. Not everyone is necessarily part of our country’s creative scene, but they certainly like to get involved and consume what it offers. “

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  • +14 branches in Mexico (CDMX and interior of the Republic)
  • +25 specialties
  • +300,000 subscribers on Facebook
  • +70,000 followers on Instagram
  • +100 live concerts
  • +50 entertainment productions (skate, MMA)
  • +70 art exhibitions
  • +30 murals
  • + 11 million views on Google

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