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The grant will enable RTD to work with Masabi and Transit to create integrated app functionality for purchasing train and bus tickets.
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Late last month, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) awarded the Denver Regional Transportation District (RTD) a $687,000 Acceleration of Innovative Mobility Challenge (AIM) grant to develop scheduling functionality multimodal journeys and payment integration in the Transit mobile application.

The grant will allow RTD and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to work with mobile ticketing provider Masabi and Transit to create app functionality that will allow riders to purchase train and bus tickets, book microtransit service options, paying for electric scooter rides. and create a multimodal route.

The project will also allow the agency to study how integrated ticket payments and multimodal trip planning affect rider behavior, assess the additional needs of multi-agency travellers, assess the impact on congestion along the routes and to monitor the effect on local businesses that may serve the needs of multi-agency riders, RTD officials said in a press release.

The team’s work on the $1,023,000 initiative will begin soon and is expected to roll out to the public by 2022, they said.

In addition to the grant, the project includes $336,000 in matching funds from RTD, CDOT, Denver South Transportation Management Association, Via, Transit and Masabi.

FTA’s AIM program promotes forward-thinking approaches to improving financing, system design and service in the transit industry, RTD officials said. The FTA awarded $14 million in funding to support 25 projects in August.


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