Shroud on the two factors that will keep him in pro Valorant


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Valorant fans rejoice! Superstar Twitch streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is looking to stay in the professional Valorant scene.

Three weeks after announcing his return to professional play, he is now busy training with his new team, Sentinels, as they prepare for the VCT North America Last Chance Qualifier.

In a recent stream, Shroud shared more about what he thinks will have to happen for him to continue competing professionally.

Shroud establishes two factors that will keep him in professional Valorant

Credit: Shroud

After retiring from CS:GO in 2018 and spending the last four years as a full-time content creator, Shroud surprised everyone when he made a sudden return to esports.

The 28-year-old joined Sentinels last month to compete in the upcoming VCT NA LCQ. He explained that at the time it was all an impulsive decision and he has since changed his mind, he told viewers in a recent stream.

“If the franchise is a thing and it’s in Los Angeles, there’s a very good chance I’ll still play Valorant professionally,” he said.

Shroud left his $9.4 million California mansion to join the Sentinels training camp in Texas at Complexity Gaming headquarters.

Another major concern is Riot Games’ new partnership model, as it is currently reshaping Valorant’s competitive scene. The VCT 2023 season will only include teams that have been approved to be part of Riot Games’ new partnership model.

Several organizations have already failed to move to the next phase of this partnership selection, which is why teams and players are leaving the competitive Valorant scene. Sentries have recently struggled to find teams to play against because of this, according to Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan.

The CS:GO pro turned Valorant said he’s not sure Sentinels will get a franchise slot at the end of Riot Games’ partnership selection, which makes him uncertain about his continued involvement with Sentinels.

“Is it with the Sentinels?” he said, “I don’t know, are they franchise?” I do not know. I have no idea.”

Fans can expect more details to be revealed after the Boys in Red complete their VCT North America Last Chance Qualifying Race.

Shroud and company will face The Guard in their opening match in the top bracket quarterfinals on August 4. To watch the match, fans can log into Riot Games’ official Valorant. Tic and Youtube canals.

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