Team Ninja has reboot plans for the ‘Ninja Gaiden’ and ‘Dead or Alive’ franchises


With gaming’s long history, there will always be franchises and series that fans want to see return. It doesn’t even have to be the retro games of yore, as even modern games have their share of cult classics that some gamers would love to see reimagined. For hardcore supporters of either Gaiden ninja Where Dead or alive series, there is good news like Ninja Team would be interested in reviving dormant franchises.

The news comes from the G-Star conference that took place in South Korea this week (via VGC). According RuliwebTeam Ninja President Fumihiko Yasuda has shared the good news and is working to bring fans more information as soon as possible.

A slide that was reportedly shown at the end of his panel also showed images of the two classic Team Ninja series along with the title “The Future of Team Ninja – Popular Series Reboot” in Japanese.

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The Gaiden ninja The series hasn’t seen a new main game since 2012, but those who worked on the series have produced several major hits. Yasuda, who is the director of nioh and its sequel, was a level designer for Ninja Gaider 2and also directed the third game. His desire to return to the series is well known, so it’s more likely we’ll see some movement on that front.

As for Dead or alivethe last main game was released in 2019, and it is more connected to modern gaming compared to Gaiden ninja. While the sports spinoffs have been popular, it’s the fighting game most would like to see given new life.

Hopefully, we can learn more from the Team Ninja team in the near future, whether the projects are carried out within the team or with the help of external studios.

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