Trustworthy Secures $15M Series A Led by Valor Siren Ventures

  • According to a recent report by Statisticalthe total amount of data created, captured, copied and consumed worldwide reached 79 zettabytes in 2021 and is expected to reach over 180 zettabytes by 2025. This equates to 59.8MB of data created for each person online per minute .
  • As the volume of personal data increases, many families struggle to manage their information and the associated costs. According to a recent Doxo OVERVIEW report, U.S. households are spending more than $4.4 trillion each year on bills (such as housing, utilities, phone service and more) including $119 billion can be attributed to late fees, overdraft fees, cost of identity fraud and bad credit. On average, this amounts to $925 per household each year. Staying on top of those bills is the biggest determinant of consumers’ financial health, according to the report.
  • To avoid wasting time and money, families have concocted their own DIY systems, using the analog and digital tools at their fingertips (from files and folders to Excel spreadsheets and free cloud storage tools ), but none of these solutions were specifically designed to help families get the most out of their information.

Trustworthy has created The Family Operating System®, a secure and innovative online service that helps modern families overcome these challenges and protect, organize and optimize their important information, including (but not limited to):

  • ID (passports and driving license)
  • Money (secure access to financial accounts)
  • Goods (leases, deeds, etc.)
  • Estate planning documents (estate plans, living wills, etc.)
  • Passwords (to all digital accounts, services)
  • Insurance Information (life insurance, health insurance, auto, home, etc.)
  • Taxes (declarations and supporting documents
  • Legal forms (contracts…)
  • Emergency instructions (for example, if a family member is incapacitated)
  • and family archives (digital photo albums, personal files, genealogy, etc.).

“Digital transformation is now having a big impact on our daily lives and families are struggling to keep up. It’s a problem that will only continue to get worse as our lives become digital first.” noted Nathanael RobinsonTrustworthy CEO.

“Trustworthy offers a beautifully designed product that aims to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives,” said Jon Shulkin, Fund Manager at Valor Siren Ventures and Co-Chairman at Valor Equity Partners. “Trustworthy’s Family Operating System® makes it easier for families to manage their most important information by leveraging best-in-class technology.”

Trustworthy will use this fundraising to grow its fully distributed team, develop strategic partnerships, and continue to improve the Family Operating System® on web and mobile platforms.
In addition to Valor Equity Partners, Trustworthy has raised seed money from a wide range of investors – individuals and companies – including:

  • Upside Venture Partners
  • The network of operators
  • Sonja Hoel PerkinsFounder of Project Glimmer and Broadway Angels
  • Margo Georgiadisformer CEO,
  • Catherine August-deWilde, Vice Chairman and Board Member, First Republic Bank
  • Frederic Kerrest, Executive Vice President, COO and Co-Founder, Okta
  • Marc Goinesformer Vice President, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Personal Capital
  • Haroon Mohktzarda, CEO and Co-Founder, Truebill

“We’ve built the Family Operating System® to respond much more effectively to the growing information needs of modern families, and we’re thrilled that all of our investors have confidence in our vision,” Robinson said. “With their deep consumer expertise, Valor Siren Ventures is the perfect partner to bring Trustworthy to millions of families so they can run the business of life.”

To learn more about Trustworthy, visit For interview opportunities or additional information, contact Josh Chaitin at [email protected].

About Trustworthy
Reliable is the Family Operating System®, the leading online service to help modern families protect, organize and optimize their important information. With Trustworthy, families are delightfully organized and completely prepared for all of life’s moments, now and across generations.



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