USFL Unveils Eight League Reincarnated Franchises, To Begin Playing Spring 2022

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The United States Soccer League is set to give spring soccer another try, and on Monday the eight teams that will open their first season in the spring of 2022 were revealed on Fox Sports. The league chose eight franchises that were also part of the original USFL, which ran from 1983 to 1986, and retained the rights to the original major team names.

Here are the eight teams that will play in 2022. Four will be in the North division and four will be in the South division:

Michigan Panthers
New Jersey generals
Philadelphia stars
Pittsburgh Maulers

Birmingham stallions
Houston players
Breakers of New Orleans
Tampa Bay Bandits

All eight teams will play matches at the same location in the inaugural season. Logos have been updated for the new league and Fox Sports explained that the central location will be announced at a later date. The league will begin playing in April 2022, with games every Saturday and Sunday for a 10-game season.

The USFL is the third attempt at spring football in the past four years, hoping to overtake a season after the Alliance of American Football collapsed due to financial problems in 2019 and the cancellation of the XFL in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic (XFL is now targeting 2023 for a return). The USFL made its debut in 1983 and lasted for three seasons.

The original USFL launched the careers of Herschel Walker, Reggie White, and many others due to competitive salaries that outweighed what NFL players were making at the time. But the absence of a strict salary cap has led to an unsustainable wage bill which has contributed to the destruction of the league. The league started with 12 teams and had a territorial draft, to load rosters with familiar local college stars to attract fans.

This version of the USFL closed in 1986. She had voted to move from a spring to fall schedule to eventually compete with the NFL – an attempt to force a merger between the leagues. The USFL won an antitrust lawsuit against the league because the NFL violated anti-monopoly laws, but the USFL only made $ 1 – and shut down in the months that followed.

Fox Sports will be the league’s initial broadcast partner.


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