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The Buffalo Bills rank as the 49th most valuable team among all major North American sports franchises, while the Buffalo Sabers are 127th, according to a study by sports digital media publication Sportico.

The Bills’ valuation has been estimated at $2.5 billion, which ranks 30th out of 32 NFL franchises. The Sabers’ valuation was $600 million, which ranked them 27th out of 32 NHL franchises.

Sportico has released ratings of all NFL, NHL, Major League Baseball, NBA and Major League Soccer teams over the past eight months. There are a total of 151 franchises across the five sports.

A few days after Bills coach Sean McDermott spent time with the Buffalo Sabers at KeyBank Center,…

The most valuable franchises in each league were: New York Yankees in MLB at $7 billion, Dallas Cowboys in NFL at $6.92 billion, New York Knicks in NBA at $6.12 billion. dollars, the Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL at $2 billion. and Los Angeles FC among the MLS at $860 million.

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Below the Bills in the NFL were the Detroit Lions at $2.44 billion and the Cincinnati Bengals at $2.4 billion. Just ahead of the Bills were the Jacksonville Jaguars (29th), Tennessee Titans (28th), and Arizona Cardinals (27th).

Close behind Dallas near the top of NFL valuations were New England ($5.35 billion), Los Angeles Rams ($4.68 billion), New York Giants ($4.63 billion dollars) and the San Francisco 49ers ($4.27 billion).

In the NHL, the Sabers ranked ahead of Carolina, Ottawa, Columbus, Florida and Arizona. The Coyotes are listed as the last valuable team in the NHL at $410 million. The other teams with a lower value are all Major League Soccer franchises.

The Bills’ valuation last September represents a 16% increase over Sportico’s figure in 2020. Sportico does not list percentages for NHL teams as the site does not do NHL valuations the previous season amid the pandemic.

The average NFL team is worth $3.65 billion, while the average NHL team is worth $934 million.

Terry and Kim Pegula bought the Sabers in 2011 for $189 million. The Pegulas bought the Bills for $1.4 billion in 2014.

Sportico said it had calculated each team’s historical and projected earnings, based on publicly available financial information and records – and interviews with people familiar with the team’s finances, including eight sports bankers. and attorneys who are actively working on NFL transactions, Sportico said. National revenue was determined based on the annual financial report of the NFL’s only public franchise, the Green Bay Packers. The teams were to receive $335 million in domestic revenue in 2021.


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